Capture frames from videos and save them as images


  • Captures frames either in manual or automatic mode
  • You can save them as individual images or as a collage
  • Support for many video formats


  • If you want to save frames individually, you have to do it one by one


They say an image is worth a thousand words. In the case of movie frames, a certain image can perfectly describe the whole movie – if you choose it carefully.

With Scenegrabber.NET you can select as many frames as you want from a specific video, either manually or in a totally automated way, and save them as independent images or as a collage of thumbnails.

Scenegrabber.NET support a wide range of video formats, but exports only to JPG. Once the video is loaded in Scenegrabber.NET, you can either set the number of desired screenshots and let the program capture the images at evenly intervals along the movie, or simply play the movie and click the capture button every time you want to snap a given scene.

All captured images will then be displayed in Scenegrabber.NET, enabling you to either save them as a nice thumbnail composition or as individual files – which has to be done one by one, unfortunately.

Scenegrabber.NET is a special video player that lets you capture frames from a movie and save them as a collage of thumbnails or independent JPG images.

Scenegrabber.NET supports the following formats

Saves images to JPG




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